Angels For All Times A book of stories that will teach a child lessons of compassion and goodness while reminding their parents of what God would have us all do!
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Meet Aunt Cecil and her two nieces as they unravel a mystery that takes them to Scotland and one adventure after another!
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One of my favorite stories of Jesus's miracles is when He takes the two fish and five loaves of bread and feeds five thousand men, not counting women and children. Watching a movie this past weekend on the life of Jesus I was struck by the looks on the actors faces as the fish and bread kept passing from hand to hand. They portrayed pure amazement of the miracle going on right before their eyes. I am sure that those fed by the mighty hand of Jesus were amazed into silence. Can you imagine the sound of amazed silence while possibly fifteen thousand ate of this miracle?

Now I want to take a look at my life and consider how many fish and loaves miracles I have received, either in amazement or even disbelief. As I start to recognize every miracle I am sure my face shows the same look of amazement as those who were actually there when Jesus multiplied the fish and bread. I have experienced healings, money problems solved, family issues mended, salvation, santification, and the miraculous love of God as my Father and Redeemer. That list is backwards, re-read it, starting with the miraculous love of God.

What fish and bread has God multiplied in your life? Are you like me and stand in amazement at everything that the Lord has done for you? From our first breath to our last the miracles of our lives pile up until they are truly multiplied in as much and many ways as Jesus did the fish and bread. It seems to me that if we count every moment of life more than a gift but a miracle, we will see those moments multiplied into our own fishes and loaves to feed upon for eternity
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