Angels For All Times A book of stories that will teach a child lessons of compassion and goodness while reminding their parents of what God would have us all do!
Meet Aunt Cecil and her two nieces as they unravel a mystery that takes them to Scotland and one adventure after another!
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If you knew what I know then you would understand why I find strength to continue my ministry of writing every day, even the days I am hurting. You would see why the smile on my face is representative of the joy I get from the Lord Jesus even when my heart might be broken. You would also know that there is a river of life flowing through my soul that pours over every inch of every moment of my days that gives me peace no matter what comes at me to challenge my happiness, or my strength.

I cannot remember a time in my life that I have had to cover myself and those I love with so much prayer. But I cannot remember a time when I experienced such unimaginable joy. With each new trial, my faith in Jesus Christ is the hedge of protection that contains my joy in the journey of life. I keep on moving forward with each ministry, every good work, and my life in general, as I trust in the only true One, Jesus, who I trust completely.

My prayer is that as I move forward with each new morning that my life would be a witness to those who hurt but are facing it alone, to be the light of Jesus to those who struggle because they do not know Him, and to continually allow those whose life feel dried up to see the river of life flowing out of my heart. If you do not know what I know then let me share; I know Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, and He wants to have you know Him too. Then you will be able to face every challenge, every moment of each day with the power and joy that comes from knowing Him too.

Patricia Gray Diamond
One hundred and one of my favorite devotions written over a period of about four years.  I write daily on Facebook and on my blog diamondwriterblog.wordpress.com.