Angels For All Times A book of stories that will teach a child lessons of compassion and goodness while reminding their parents of what God would have us all do!

Meet Aunt Cecil and her two nieces as they unravel a mystery that takes them to Scotland and one adventure after another!
I am excited to share that I am in the editing stage of my next book, One Woman's Revelations, A Book of One Hundred and One Devotions...
I have seen an extraordinary number of people on social media claiming that 2016 was an awful year and that they are glad it is over. Like everyone I can look back and see what mistakes that I had made, times of disobedience, and even times of disappointment during last year but to say that I am glad it is over would be wrong. I believe that now, right this minute, is the time to change what is happening in our lives so that we never again rush into tomorrow with regrets from yesterday. Instead of regrets and fears I want to be filled with thanksgiving for the blessings that came from obedience and disobedience alike.

Last year I began a blessings jar in which I tried to remember to drop in a piece of paper with an answered prayer or blessing every day. I was successful, not in doing it every day, but I did keep it going all year. When I dumped my slips of paper out onto the table and began reading memories, blessings and answered prayers, memories came rushing out at me. As I continued to read, I soon discovered that I had not been the only one putting blessings into the jar. My husband and sweet neighbor, who pops in to help with our Sheltie, had slipped a blessing or two in with my own. What a beautiful thing to discover how I had blessed them.

I am continuing with the blessings jar again this year and my hope is that on January first of next year I will have close to three hundred and sixty five slips of paper to read. One thing is for sure, going through all those answered prayers and blessings received has touched me deeply and given me a new outlook towards my behaviour, both spiritually and physically for 2017. So as to looking at what I did or did not do last year, whether it was a good year or bad, I have learned that it is all in the perspective of the individual.

My perspective, and I hope yours as well, will be turned towards God's will and His plans for the coming year ahead. Whether good things happen or if there are many stormy days to come, I know that it all lies in the will of the Father. It is my responsibility to listen, learn, and share. It really is as simple as that and if we were more readily willing to let go and let God I know that we would no longer need to keep blessing jars because we would trust that every day is a blessing. Maybe that should be next year's goal, no blessing jar...