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We need to be careful about who we worship. God's still a jealous God as He is unchanging, the same now and forever. Some of you may not agree with me, but I see so many people applauding celebrity over truth, following like robots, the voice of the popular instead of the voice of truth. They watch the celebrity with bated breath in anticipation for what they will say because they want to believe that they mean what they say. But these celebrities are actors, singers, producers, millionaires, not experienced or even educated about what their mouths put forward. 
Women in particular fall victim to this mass following of celebrity; wanting to look like them, be like them, to the point at times worshipping them. We saw this the other night as a certain celebrity made a speech about victims of sexual harassment and abuse, and before the last word was spoken she was being touted as the next President of the United States. Really; are we such a desperate people that we grab hold of anyone with a stage and platform to make them idols? Yes, unfortunately, in our country and all over the world, people seek someone, anyone, to follow.
There is a great scenario that took place after the championship college football game; the winning quarterback, a freshman, when questioned by the media, responded by giving God the glory and proudly saying that Jesus Christ was his Lord and Savior. Millions of people, both young and old, heard his voice. They will not be swayed to follow this young man, but possibly, because all things are possible with God, they may want to know more about Jesus Christ.
Of all the issues facing our world today one that stands out to me is this robot following of celebrity, believing whatever they have to say, and touting a plain actor, singer, or producer, for leadership they do not really have. We must remember that our God is a jealous God and will not tolerate this liberal leadership of idol worship to stand. Yet I know that as the hands and feet of Jesus we must prepare, more than ever, to stand like the freshman quarterback did, and shout out in loudest of voices, Jesus Christ, not any celebrity, is our One and only God.