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My six year old grandson has a new expression when he gets mad or discouraged, "What's the point anyway?" I always answer him with, "There is always a point!" He may not understand it now but there is definitely a point to everything that happens, both the good and the bad. Discouragement comes to all ages it seems, and yes, sometimes we really do want to know what exactly is the point; when we can't see why something is happening, or whether there can be a happy ending to the situation we are in, or even sometimes, what is the point to our lives at all.

But there is a point to life, a point to everything that occurs and I believe that if we trust in the Lord with all we are, and, "lean not on our own understanding" He will always show us what the exact point is to anything and everything that we question. Often we must go through the event, life changing or ordinary, whichever the case, get to the other side of it, in order to see what God's plans were to either assist us or make something amazing come from whatever "the point was anyway." 

Trusting that God is going to be with us through everything we experience takes maturity and faith. To know that no matter what happens in life that God is on our side, always faithful and true, lifts the discouragement of each situation that we face with a statement of trust instead the old, "What's the point anyway?" I imagine a lot of us are asking ourselves right now, what's the point of this pandemic, what's the point of negative politics, what's the point of all these riots? We are not yet to the place where God will reveal the points, but, I know that one day we will be on the other side and God will indeed show us all, what the point is anyway.

God will reveal to all who ask, what the point of life is, Jesus Christ. He is the One Who, when we put our faith and hope in will provide all the direction, grace and knowledge, so that we can completely understand once and for all, exactly, what the point is to life. The next time you want to say, "What's the point anyway," let God remind you that Jesus is the point, and He will always show you what the point is to everything that happens, when you put your trust in Him...

Patricia Gray Diamond
One hundred and one of my favorite devotions written over a period of about four years.  I write daily on Facebook and on my blog diamondwriterblog.wordpress.com.