Ever wonder what the angels do all day long? Find out in this fun but informative children’s fiction book. Angels can be precious but they can be mischievous too. These are not your ordinary cherubs but angel children bringing to life stories straight from the Bible, along with everyday moral lessons all children need to learn. Meet make believe angels, performing not so make believe tasks to honor God in Heaven. Each chapter contains its own range of different, colorful characters, sure to not only bring a smile to you and your child’s face, but teach a lesson as well. From vanity to friendship, to simple obedience, come share some adventures like no other in Heaven.

Work proceeds on the sequel to Aunt Cecil!


Coffee Shop or Gas Station?

Is your church life more like a coffee shop or a gas station? Are you getting fueled by the time spent there or are you merely using it for a social network? I know this happens because I have experienced it myself and I would rather be fueled than befriended any day. I have made some of my best friends at church but still that is not the reason for attending a stable, bible based, spirit filled church. When I leave my church building on Sunday afternoon I expect to be re-charged, pumped up, excited, and even somewhat changed.

A coffee shop offers a bit of caffeine to get you awake and moving but you last only as long as the "buzz" of the caffeine lasts. It also may offer a sugary cake to tempt you into thinking you will get some energy from that too. A gas station fills you to the brim and you leave fueled and ready to go for miles, 407 in my vehicle, to be exact. That is how I want to feel after services on Sunday. Ready to go for miles and miles on the renewed spirit and joyful experience that a truly spiritually filled service offers; not merely a bit of caffeine and sugar that might, just might last until you go to bed Sunday night.

Sometimes I do not get fueled on Sunday, but it is my own fault. I may not be paying close enough attention to the message, or maybe there is something between my heart and God that I need to clear up before I can receive any fuel. It could be I am just looking for the sugary stuff and do not want to bother with the hard stuff, the gas that keeps me fueled much longer. But, I know, God has greater plans for me that sugary, caffeine filled hours are not enough for, nor will I receive the fuel I need if my heart is not prepared and open to receive.

Romans 15:13 "May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit."

So, what about you? Coffee shop or gas station?

"Draw me a picture Nana," Dylan said. "Something for me to color." I am no artist yet I did my best to put on paper a recognizable picture for my grandson. Christmas time brings many pictures to mind; thoughts of past holidays, decorations, children's faces a lit with wonder and joy. The best picture of all is the one of the Christ child in the manger, the long awaited Messiah, the first Advent.

There is the perfect picture that comes to mind, as often happens during this time of the year, and even if I cannot draw it out on paper, I can draw a picture with my words. Heaven came down to touch the heart of every man and woman at the first Christmas and as we wait and watch, our Advent season, we pray that hearts are truly touched and opened. Open to believe that what happened during the first Christmas season is that the baby born became the man, the teacher, our Savior, the Son of God and man.

Children see the pictures in books and on Advent calendars, they imagine the manger scene in a thousand different ways, but believers, we are now into a new advent, the coming of Jesus for the second time, when He returns for His church. That is a picture that many of us have tried to draw in our minds and words, but just as the Jewish people waited for the first Christmas, the long awaited Messiah, we wait on the second coming with only the Word to tell us what to look for...

Pictures...they paint a lovely scene of Advent for us. Children see the Advent season as a mystery hidden by each new day on the calendar. Believers see it as a reverent time of prayer and worship, waiting to celebrate the holy birth of our Savior. I would love to draw a picture of peace on earth right now...